Trainee at FrieslandCampina

The application for the Traineeship starting in March 2019 has closed. More information about the Traineeship staring in September 2019 will follow soon!

FrieslandCampina’s Corporate Traineeship is a two-year traineeship, starting every March and September, in which you will complete two assignments in the discipline for which you have been recruited. As a trainee, you will fill an existing position and will therefore be fully responsible for the activities associated with it and corresponding targets. We believe this is the way to learn the most. Obviously you will also be offered supervision and advice.

During your traineeship, we will offer you a full range of development opportunities. You will have an interdisciplinary trainee group with which you will regularly take part in both professional and social activities. Besides several trainings with your trainee group, you will be offered a personal development program in which you will have a mentor and a personal training budget. If you use your creativity and enterprise spirit and deliver a convincing performance, you will have two wonderful years getting more out of both milk and yourself!

Disciplines of our Corporate Traineeship:

▪ Commercial (Sales/Marketing)
▪ Digital Technology & Analytics
▪ Finance
▪ Supply Chain & Operations
▪ Technology

The assignments can be carried out at one of the FrieslandCampina production locations in the Netherlands, at our Innovation Center in Wageningen or at our Central Office in Amersfoort. FrieslandCampina is a multinational organization, which means that you will come into contact with people of different nationalities and cultures in your day-to-day work.

Meet us at Campus Events!

September 25th 2018: Diner with Lugus in Groningen
September 26th 2018: Asset Marketing Event in Tilburg
October 2nd 2018: Lunch Lecture with Industria in Eindhoven
October 2nd 2018: Lunch with FSA in Amsterdam
October 2nd 2018: Case day Asset Sbit in Tilburg
October 4th 2018: Lunch Lecture with JAPIE in Eindhoven
October 5th 2018: Lunch and EBF Conference in Groningen where our CEO Hein Schumacher will speak about the Evolution of Power
October 17th 2018: Diner with TEMA in Groningen
October 31st 2018: Lunch & Case with Asset Strategy in Tilburg
November 5th 2018: STAR Management Week Diner in Rotterdam
November 6th 2018: Nyenrode Career Event in Breukelen
November 16th 2018: Techniek Bedrijven Lunch & case in Rotterdam
November 22nd 2018: Economic Career Day in Utrecht
November 27th & 28th 2018: Nijmegen Career Event
February 7th 2019: Landelijke Econometristen Dag in Groningen
March 4th – 8th 2019: Amsterdam Career Days
April 8th 2019: Economics Business Weeks Tilburg
May 5th 2019: Risk Controlling Diner in Groningen


Check our selection procedure and frequently asked questions for more information.