Technology – Improvement and innovation are key

The application for the Traineeship starting in September 2019 is open NOW until April 21st 2019 and you can apply here!

As Technologist, you will feel completely at home at FrieslandCampina. Every hour our 60 factories process 1.2 million liters of milk. Milk that consists of hundreds components, components used in our consumer products but also in ingredients. In our plants, safety and continuous improvement are of paramount importance. We carry hundreds of technical and product innovations, with a value of more than half a billion euros per year. To contribute to a better world, we reduce our CO2 emissions by using green energy. In 2020 it will be 100% green energy. FrieslandCampina offers you the unique opportunity to work throughout the whole chain, from grass to glass. Does this make you excited? Your creativity, innovative spirit and technical instinct will all be put to good use during the Technology Traineeship.

The Technology traineeship
As Technology trainee you get to work with all aspects and people throughout the business, since Technology is the foundation for all our products and processes we have in place. Together with a team of Technologists you work together to develop plant processes, to make the processes more sustainable and to think about innovation. A lot of different Technology departments and assignments come together within the Technology Traineeship. You can think of assignments like Process Technologist at a production site or you can join a project in the overarching Technology Team. In our Technology traineeship you get the unique opportunity to work from the beginning till the end of the chain, our ‘grass to glass chain’.

The FrieslandCampina traineeship is a two-year program, during which you will complete two assignments of one year. The assignments could be an extension of each other or totally different. Your first assignment is assigned to you by us, but during the second assignment you have the opportunity to choose or create your own assignment with our support. When you work at FrieslandCampina you will find out the sky is the limit when it comes to your own career! When you proactively look for new opportunities, anything is possible.

As Technology trainee you work with a lot of external and internal stakeholders, this is why we need people with strong communication and influencing skills. We are looking for trainees with a technology mindset, who work in a proactive and self-asserting way.

Basic Qualifications:
▪ Completed WO Master degree
▪ Entry level work experience and/or an internship or a relevant sideline in Technology;
▪ Affinity with production and food process technology;
▪ You are a team player, analytical, result driven, and besides you have strong social and leadership skills;
▪ Have the ambition to build your career within the Technology field;
▪ Fluent in English.

Example of assignments
Sustainability Assignment:
Almost all sustainable initiatives require development of technology and the implementation of it. First of all, in factories you can think of implementing energy savings or finding more sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, on farm level there are a lot of opportunities to generate and store energy. Your role as technology trainee can be to develop new technologies (eg. separation of manure) or manage projects like the installation of solar panels on rooftops of farms.

Process Technologist – Corporate Support & Resources: 
As a process technologist you work together with the experts of R&D and Supply Chain. You will define the key components of the technology landscape and create comprehensive blueprints for a number of technologies that can be used in our process technology roadmaps.

Process Technologist – On Site:
On site you work with mechanics, quality officers, operators and many other stakeholders to get the most out of your plant. You are responsible for troubleshooting, for example how to deal with fouling of membranes, moreover improvement projects, like reducing energy or material use, and additionally you are giving input for strategic decisions which involve technology. Decisions regarding matching plant capacity to customer demand for example.

Business Group Ingredients:
As a technologist within this organization you work on large projects on different locations. You invent and assess the added value of (new) technologies or optimize the existing production processes with thorough analyzes. Besides that, you use the input of multiple stakeholders to get a broader picture of the needs within the organization and you provide a conceptual design. Finally you calculate what the savings of these concepts could be.

Are we looking for you?
Are you ready to work in one of our production sites, at our innovation center in Wageningen or at the Central Office in Amersfoort and do you want to be thrown into the deep end of the Technology departments of our company?
Then we encourage you to embark on this challenging adventure as Technology trainee at FrieslandCampina!

How to apply?
Check the website and vacancy page of FrieslandCampina to see when you can apply for the next cohort of the traineeship. Do you still have unanswered questions? Check our selection procedure and our frequently asked questions page.

Do you want to experience our culture first? The FrieslandCampina inhouse day gives you the opportunity to talk to technology trainees and people from the business to see if there is a match.