Frequently Asked Questions Traineeship

Can I apply for multiple traineeships?
No, you can only apply to one track of the traineeship. We will not take your application into account for multiple tracks.

I cannot attend the selection day, can I still apply for the traineeship?
No, being present at the selection day is an absolute must. We will assess you based on several rounds that have to take place face to face (for instance a role play with an actor and a group assignment). If you are not able to attend the selection day, but you would still like to work at FrieslandCampina, we encourage you to apply for junior positions.

What is the exact start date of the traineeship?
The traineeships start on March 1st and September 1st. From that date onwards you are supposed to be fulltime available. Starting after this date is unfortunately not possible.

Do I need to speak Dutch to be eligible to apply?
For almost all the traineeship tracks, speaking Dutch is not a requirement. However, only for Supply Chain/Operations and Human Resources we have the requirement to speak Dutch. Since most profoundly at least one of the assignments takes place in a factory and from experience we’ve noticed that communicating in Dutch is necessary. Taking into consideration what is best for you and the organization.

Do I need to upload my resume in Dutch or English?
Please upload your resume in English.

Do I need to upload a motivation letter?
A motivation letter is not necessary. If you pass the CV selection we will ask you to upload a motivation video. In the application form you will notice that there is room for uploading a motivation letter, but you can skip this option.

I will receive my master diploma after the start date of the traineeship. Can I still apply?
If you can prove that you have received all your study credits at the start of the traineeship, this is not a problem. If you have however not received all your credits you can unfortunately not start with the traineeship.

I would like to know more about the traineeship or FrieslandCampina, how can I get more information?
Inhouse days are organized a few times a year. On these days you can learn everything you need to know about FrieslandCampina and the traineeship. FrieslandCampina is also regularly attending events hosted by universities or student associations in the large student cities. Check your university or study association for events.

Do I have influence on what my first assignment within the traineeship will be?
No, you are placed on your first assignment. This can be at our Central Office in Amersfoort, our Innovation Center in Wageningen, but also one of our production locations in the Netherlands or Belgium. FrieslandCampina will always support you if the location of your assignment is far away from your home. For your second assignment you do have a lot of influence on where you are based and what you will do.

Is it possible to do one of the assignments abroad?
In general the traineeship assignments are based in the Netherlands. Sometimes there are first year assignments in Belgium or Germany. In your second year it is possible to do an assignment abroad. Whether this can happen for you does however depend mostly on your own initiative. We can support you in finding these assignments, but you are responsible for making this happen.

I would like to do a (graduation) internship at FrieslandCampina. Are there possibilities to do this?
There are possibilities for (graduation) internships at FrieslandCampina. We offer internships in all disciplines ranging from marketing and finance to R&D, supply chain and technology. It is possible to combine an internship with a graduation research, but we do require you to
work 4 days per week. Most of our internships are posted here:  internship vacancies. If you have any specific questions you can always contact us at:

I have a question that is not on the website.
For questions about the traineeship that are not discussed on the website you can contact us at The FrieslandCampina Early Career will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.