Inhouse Days

Are you interested in one of the disciplines of our Traineeship, but do you want to get to know the organization first? Do you want to experience the culture, talk with current trainees and employees and gain more information about our Corporate Traineeship? The inhouse day of FrieslandCampina is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know us!

We regularly organize inhouse days for our various disciplines. During these days we hope to give you more insight in our daily jobs and let you experience the organizational culture yourself. You will be invited to our Central Office in Amersfoort. This day will, among other activities, include presentations for the specific disciplines, informal drinks with trainees and you’ll get acquainted with FrieslandCampina through our interactive Dairy Dilemma Game. Of course there are lots of opportunities to ask all your questions you might have about FrieslandCampina and the Traineeship.

Do you want some advice on how to make the best first impression on our inhouse day? Read the most important inhouse day do’s and don’ts from our trainees here!