• Netherlands, Amersfoort
  • IT
  • Internship / Apprenticeship
  • Full-Time

Short job description

To strengthen our Client IT organization for the B2B Business Groups (Ingredients, and Cheese, Butter & Milk powder), FrieslandCampina seeks an hands-on Data Scientist intern. We are looking for a person that feels comfortable at the intersection among mathematics, machine learning, business analytics and computer science. You can come from a business analytics, data science, AI  background; should also know mathematics and statistics and know how to apply this to actual problems. 


You should have experience with machine learning or optimization modeling and know how to create visualizations in order to tell a story. Furthermore, since our ambition is to develop actual and not just a set of algorithms or models in plain code, you should also enjoy writing programs that run on servers and talk to databases. This position is a combined role between a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer. At the same time, you communicate well and are capable of explaining what you do to our internal clients in understandable terms.  

When it comes to data analysis you shouldn’t expect data to be clean, organized, documented or complete. You make do with what you get and don't make assumptions, you aren’t afraid to ask relevant questions. You also understand the strengths and weaknesses of different modelling approaches and can effectively reason about when to apply different combinations.

An ideal candidate will have a balance of technical know-how and business savviness. You must also be able to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with aggressive timelines and feel comfortable with leading the change in our organization as we continue to integrate data science practices further..

You will be working within Royal Friesland Campina, a 21000 employee strong multinational in FMCG & B2B . With our brands - over 30 - we reach millions of people in more than 100 countries. We are unique because our suppliers, the farmers, are also our owners. And since we own the entire supply chain, from grass to glass, we can guarantee the high quality of all our products.


Deskripsi Pekerjaan

As a data scientist intern, you will be working with both our senior business executives, as well as senior data scientist from Corporate IT. You key role is to gather and transform data sets (both internal and external data sets, both existing and new acquired data) into relevant and actionable insights for our decision makers.  

As a data scientist intern, you will:

Design and scope data science projects:​ Work with business owners and senior data scientist to define big picture objectives, key actionable insights needed. Translate requirements into meaningful projects, including business case.

Develop business awareness:​ Awareness (and outside-in application) of the latest business trends, use cases, modeling capabilities, within the FMCG industry and the FrieslandCampina organization

Analyze data using different methods​: Analyze data with different statistical methods, interpret results​ and provide clear summary conclusions, present data analyses to senior management, preferably in interactive dashboards (Rshiny), with a clear story line.

Assure our data process​: Develop a deep understanding of FrieslandCampina databases and transactional​              systems. Collect, research and analyze data to assure integrity of project data, including data extraction, manipulation, processing, storage, archival and data analysis for appropriate usage in databases.

Develop, manage and maintain our digital assets:​ Work towards a production-ready version of machine learning models (or traditional ones). Testing, scaling, refactoring and security is your responsibility as well. As such, you have a good understanding of software engineering.

Share knowledge and training​: Share knowledge and information of analysis techniques and data coding​               with other staff and train, if needed. Develop our internal community of business analysts.

Share principles and qualities:​ Value operating in a collaborative and cooperative environment, adhere to all principles of confidentiality, show initiative, solid judgment and resourcefulness.


  • projects experience, including:Relevant experience with fundamental statistical analysis tools and techniques; including statistical languages (like R or Python + Pandas).
  • Relevant experience with time series forecasting, optimization methods, business analytics and data mining.
  • Relevant experience creating and maintaining production-ready software, starting from scratch or based on a prototype. o Working knowledge of scripting, ETL design and SQL. Familiarity with database modeling and data warehousing principles.
  • Experience with Big Data technologies like Hadoop & Spark would be a plus.
  • Experience working at Pricing, Revenue Management and/or Supply Chain would be a plus.
  • Knowledge with agile principles (e.g. Scrum), facilitating workshops and prototyping.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) to communicate with clients and team, prepare + deliver effective presentations
  • High level of professionalism, energy and sense of urgency to “make things happen.”
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work towards long-term goals.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated and highly ambitious
  • The starting date of the internship is as soon as possible 
  • You are available for at least 4 days a week, for a period of 5 or 6 months;
    It’s possible to combine these internships with a graduation research, however working 4 days a week is a requirement;


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a Quantitative Field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Business analytics, Artificial intelligence etc.) 


Compensation Benefits

An internship at FrieslandCampina is more than just collaborative internship, since you will be part of the team from day one and you will have your own responsibilities. FrieslandCampina offers training and education on the job because it’s important for our people to continue to grow. After all, your development is not only good for your career; our products also benefit from it. The mutual exchange of knowledge between colleagues is also evident on the work floor. It is, after all, the most effective way to learn. For these internship you will receive a monthly compensation.


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