At FrieslandCampina we ‘Nourish by nature’, providing better nutrition for people all over the world. We rely on our employees to bring our company purpose to life in all we do. This applies especially to our Corporate Communication team. We’ve divided Corporate Communication into three subsections aiming at different internal and external target groups: Media Relations, Internal Communication and Corporate Productions & Issue Management. Although the focus may differ from one subsection to another, the essence of our messaging is the same for all of our Corporate Communication teams.

A job that matters

Everything FrieslandCampina does, great or small, adds up to things that matter. FrieslandCampina makes a real difference in the lives of people all around the world. Our story deserves to be told in an impactful way. No department can do this better than Corporate Communication. Aiming for things that matter gets us all in the desired mind-set: it enables us to win in the market together. Our employees around the world have a strong drive to do things that matter and are commercially obsessed with adding value to those things that matter. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

Core activities
The core tasks of the Media Relations team are:

  • Liaising with national and internal media (newspapers, TV, radio, social media)
  • Maintaining daily contact with journalists, writing press releases, planning press conferences and meetings
  • Preparing presentations and organising media trainings for board members
  • Building and especially maintaining our reputation

Our Internal Communication team focuses on the employees of FrieslandCampina worldwide, helping them play a meaningful role in their teams. At FrieslandCampina we know that none of us can make a better world on our own; rather, we do things that matter by working together. Internal Communication plays a vital role in enabling us to do this in a manner matching our route2020 strategy.

The core tasks of the Internal Communication team are:

  • Enhancing storytelling, while making people proud of the company and their work
  • Visualising the roles individual employees play in the success of FrieslandCampina
  • Coordinating our Intranet, Yammer, digital signage, town hall meetings, webcasts and printed media communication to foster behaviour that will support our common objectives.

The core tasks of the Corporate Productions & Issue Management team are:

  • Creating annual and semi-annual reports, corporate presentations and brochures, videos on the company
  • Aligning our corporate visual identity and visual guidelines
  • Managing our corporate website and social media

Providing issue management in times of crisis, especially to prevent damage for the company

Step into our world

Do you share the mentality described above? And do you want to have a major impact on the positioning and communication of the FrieslandCampina brand? Step into our world and help us tell our story!

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