Within FrieslandCampina worldwide, the Corporate Procurement department takes care of all purchasing. Outside the milk naturally, which comes directly from our farmers. The team operates across all global offices and factories, across all functions and finally across all Business Groups. The purchases are everything FrieslandCampina possibly needs to make the products for our customers. One can think about the machinery parts used in our factories, whole machines, logistics to transport (end) products, ingredients like vanilla and fruit to packaging materials, cleaning and office supplies. Sometimes we even buy externally produced end-products. If you can think it, we buy it!

The core activities of the Procurement team are:

  • Integration of many views across the whole value chain
  • Convincingly communication about ideas and opportunities, to build relationships both within and outside the organization
  • Drive sustainability of inputs and energy and in addition to ensure that we are competitive and enabling growth in new products and services

If you want to be part of a diverse environment touching all the elements of FrieslandCampina, join our team!