Business-to-Business Commercial

Ingredients from FrieslandCampina can be found in numerous end-products made by our business-to-business (B2B) customers. Think about cheese on a pizza, milkfat in a chocolate bar, milk powder in infant nutrition or even lactose in a paracetamol pill.

FrieslandCampina is passionate about growing and adding value to these customers. We offer high quality solutions and services, guided by our purpose nourishing by nature. Our aim is to be a trusted partner for our customers, supporting them to be successful. Our experience, capabilities and desire to win make us well-positioned to succeed in this market.

Both in Business Group Ingredients and in Business Group Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder we have operating companies that serve B2B customers. We have offices in nine countries on four continents. Our commercial teams are responsible for marketing and selling ingredients based on milk and its derivatives such as cheese, butter, milk powder, proteins, lactose, etc. Our customers are predominantly active the food industry, infant & toddler nutrition, the pharmaceutical industry and the young animal feed industry worldwide.

At FrieslandCampina we pride ourselves on taking a profound interest in our markets and customers – making sure we fully understand their needs, their wants and how they use our products and interact with our company. Our B2B Marketing and Sales teams are responsible for understanding current and potential markets, customers, and applications. We create value for these customers with solutions that fit their needs, deliver this value to them, and capture part of this value for FrieslandCampina. By doing so, these teams are essential in achieving the ambitions of FrieslandCampina.

We are often market leader in the markets we operate in, which is reflected in our high quality marketing and sales departments. For both disciplines the aim is to grow our business through an in depth value added approach. We recently updated our “Route 2020” strategy with a clear ambition to accelerate our volume and value growth.

Working in one of our B2B commercial teams means operating in a diverse, multi-disciplinary team. Our colleagues work on strategic and tactical challenges with significant impact for our customers and for FrieslandCampina itself. With our strategic customers we follow the so-called diamond approach. The sales managers then acts as an orchestrator of partnerships in various disciplines and at various levels.

As commercial processes in B2B tend to be complex, we look for innovative thinkers with excellent influencing skills. Personal characteristics such as being a team player, pro-active, and results-oriented are essential to be successful in this environment. A commercial mindset, international outlook, and ability to both think strategically and ensure effective execution are other elements for success. There are plenty of opportunities for growth, within and across disciplines, and also across operating companies or on corporate level.

If you want to become part of a dynamic commercial environment, where the learning curve is steep, the stakes are high, and where you can have major impact, consider joining our team!