Cooperative Affairs

Nearly 19,000 FrieslandCampina dairy farm members in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany share a passion producing top quality milk. This milk is used by the 22,000 employees of FrieslandCampina to create high-quality products which find their way to consumers and clients through the world.

The cooperative who unites the members knows a history of 140 years. The cooperative is headed by the board, existing of nine dairy farm members. Moreover, it is organized in 21 districts in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. It also knows as highest body a member council of 210 dairy farm members.

The core tasks of the Cooperative Affairs team are:

  • Supervision of 140 employees
  • Responsible for the transport of milk to the FrieslandCampina production sites
  • Management of the quality and sustainability program Foqus planet and also of all the finances around the supply of milk and the membership of the cooperative
  • Responsible for the contact with and also between farmers
  • Communication and decision-making within the cooperative
  • and most important continuous improvement of the quality and sustainability of the milk

If you want to become part of a dynamic environment where you can have a major impact on the quality of the milk, join our team!