Corporate Communication

At Alaska Milk Corporation Corporate Communication has been divided into three subsections for internal and external target groups: media relations, internal communication and also corporate productions & issue management. Although the focus may differ, the essence of our message is the same.

The core activities of the Media Relations team are:

  • Liaise with national and internal media (newspapers, TV, radio, Social Media)
  • Daily contact with journalists, writing press releases, planning press conferences, and meetings
  • Preparing presentations and organizing media trainings for board members
  • Build and especially maintain our reputation

Besides the external focus of Corporate Communications, internal communication is targeted towards employees worldwide. Especially, Communication on our “Route 2020” strategy is important in this part of the communication function.

The core activities of the Internal Communication team are:

  • Enhance storytelling while making people proud of the company and also their work
  • Visualize the role every employee plays in the success of Alaska Milk Corporation
  • Coordination of the intranet, Yammer, digital signage, town hall meetings, webcasts and printed media communication to show supportive behaviour towards our common objectives

The core activities of the Corporate Productions & Issue Management team are:

  • Creating of annual and half year report, corporate presentations and brochures, videos on the company
  • Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Alignment of corporate visual identity and visual guidelines
  • Management of the corporate web site and social media
  • Issue management in times of crisis, especially to prevent damage for the company

If you want to become part of a dynamic environment where you can have a major impact on the positioning and communication of the brand Alaska Milk Corporation, join our team!