Corporate Communication

At FrieslandCampina Corporate Communication has been divided into three subsections for internal and external target groups: media relations, internal communication and corporate productions & issue management. Although the focus may differ, the essence of our messaging is the same.

Media Relations involves liaising with national and internal media (newspapers, tv, radio, social media), coordinating and producing news. Media relations is involved with daily contact with journalists, writing press releases, planning press conferences and meetings, writing company statements,  preparing presentations and interviews and organising media trainings for  board members. The function of media relations is aimed at building and maintaining our reputation.

Internal communication is targeted towards employees of FrieslandCampina worldwide. Communication on our strategy route2020 is central in this part of the communication function. Much attention is being paid to storytelling as a means of making people proud of the company and their work and visualizing the role we all play in the success of FrieslandCampina. By means of the intranet, Yammer, digital signage, town hall meetings, webcasts and printed media communication employees are being encouraged to show supportive behaviour towards our common objectives.


Corporate productions & issue management

Annual and Half Year report, reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate presentations and brochures, videos on the company: corporate productions takes care of informing our stakeholders at large. The same goes for the corporate visual identity and our visual guidelines. This subsection is also responsible for the FrieslandCampina corporate web site and social media.

Issue management is a powerful tool in times of crisis. Communication on issues requires a professional approach in mitigating the damage issues may prove to be for the company. The necessary experience and expertise are fully at hand at Corporate Communication.


Dairy development in Nigeria

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria  has been active in the world of dairy farming since 2010 and has consistently engaged and trained over one thousand Fulani milk producers and potential small holder dairy farmers in Oyo state.
Under this dairy development programme, over three thousand local dairy farmers, of which about 60 percent are women, are now knowledgeable on the importance of milk hygiene and improvement procedures.
Besides training, FrieslandCampina WAMCO’s dairy development team provides on-going support to these farmers in the area of animal health management and improving pasture learning trajectories and feed supplementation trails.

Dairy Development Programme
Via the Dairy Development Programme (DDP), FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria has made significant progress in the development of local milk production capacity in Nigeria with the engagement and training of over one thousand six hundred Fulani milk producers and potential small holder dairy farmers in Oyo State.