• Netherlands, Veghel
  • Supply Chain - Technology
  • Internship / Apprenticeship
  • Full-Time

Short job description

Internship assignment: Packaging recipe standardization and optimization


Problem formulation

At FrieslandCampina in Veghel lactose is packed, among others, in big bags (from 500kg to 1000kg). Big bag packaging line 2 (BB2) is expected to pack 10 big bags per hour. However, production data shows that this target is not met yet. From historical data analysis and direct observation at the packaging line (BB2), it has been concluded that the filling time varies a lot from BB to BB, and can take up to 11 minutes, making it impossible to achieve the desired throughput.

A job that matters

At FrieslandCampina, we aim to achieve breakthrough innovations in consumer products, ingredients and processes in a sustainable way. Our people know that knowledge eventually leads to new technology, the key to future innovations. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

What will your job look like?


The critical parameters influencing the filling time of a big bag have been identified in a previous project. The focus now is to experimentally define the operating window for the identified parameters, optimizing the filling step of BB packaging. Those parameters do not only influence the filling time, but might also affect the final weight of the BB, therefore the right combination needs to be found in order to keep the required filling accuracy, meeting regulatory and business needs. Additionally, the products packed through BB2 can be grouped within product families, for which some of the critical parameters should be standardized. Defining which parameters can be standardized, and defining the operating window for those is also part of the assignment.

The assignment includes

  • Come up with a workable an experimental plan to find the (best) operating window for the critical filling parameters
  • Align with production planning to schedule the trials
  • Execute the experimental plan
  • Analyze and report the results
  • Test the optimized filling parameters and report the findings



  • A final report including the experimental results, analysis and recommended operating window for the critical filling parameters
  • A final presentation at the site technology meeting.

Assignment period

Between 4 and 6 months


Other requirements

VCA certification

Contact information

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