FrieslandCampina represents something far greater than a dairy based beverage. Our Milk Valorisation and Allocation (MVA) team contributes to healthy lifestyles in households across the world and to healthy livelihoods for our farmer families. Every decision this team makes has an impact on our business results. Its work involves a continuing balancing act between short-term and long-term value creation.

A job that matters

MVA adds value to the business of FrieslandCampina from its very core: the milk produced by our member farmers. Every day, this milk supply needs to be allocated to the right combination of products in our supply chain and across our businesses. Aiming for things that matter gets us all in the desired mind-set: it enables us to win in the market together. Our employees around the world have a strong drive to do things that matter and are commercially obsessed with adding value to those things that matter. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

The core tasks of the Milk Valorisation & Allocation team are:

  • Enabling valorisation by providing the best market price forecasts for commodity products and for milk
  • Valorising milk and its components by allocating our members’ milk to products and factories, and by sourcing all raw dairy materials required for our global supply chain network
  • Managing the triangle of the available production capacities, the milk produced by our farmers and the market demand, all in order to realise our ambitious and compelling strategy

Step into our world

Want to secure a healthy future for farmer families? And do you share the mentality described above? Pursue a meaningful career at FrieslandCampina.

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