Our purpose at Royal FrieslandCampina is ‘nourishing by nature’ – providing better nutrition for the world’s consumers and a good living for farmers, now and for generations to come. In order to grow and realise the ambitions outlined in our route2020 strategy, we need to run our daily operations to the very best of our ability.

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) is all about “changing the business” through projects and portfolios. Our Project Managers have an owner’s mind-set that empowers them to make decisions on things that matter. They have the courage to step out beyond our organisation’s daily activities, to take the lead and make decisions that will benefit the company.

A job that matters

To realise FrieslandCampina’s goals, it is important that every employee takes responsibility and fulfils his or her commitments. In all of this, Project Management is like a spider in the web, planning and guarding budgets and quality. Project Management adds value by tying it all together. Aiming for things that matter gets us all in the desired mind-set: it enables us to win in the market together. Our employees around the world have a strong drive to do things that matter and are commercially obsessed with adding value to those things that matter. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

The core tasks of the Project Management team are:

  • Defining our Corporate Strategy at our Central PPM office, which supports, maintains and facilitates PPM’s way of working internally
  • Facilitating, coordinating and supporting PPM in order to harmonise our way of working and to build the right PPM capabilities

Step into our world

For FrieslandCampina to grow and reach our ambitions stated in the strategy, we need to run day to day operations but also make required transformation via projects, programmes and portfolios. We are very conscious on which projects adds most value to our Route2020 strategy. Do you share this mentality? Are you the kind of person who cannot accept sub-optimal services being offered a customer or consumer? Determine your own career path at FrieslandCampina and become a part of things that matter!

Find jobs that matter in our Project & Portfolio Management team