Supply Chain Operations

To deliver on our promise: ‘Nourishing by Nature’ towards all our customers and consumers, FrieslandCampina requires innovative and speedy solutions. Aligning FrieslandCampina’s Supply Chain and Operations resources between all our factories across the globe, towards suppliers, across distribution channels and with our internal partners is a truly challenging and exciting task.

It is here that we process milk and convert other raw materials, labor and capital into final products for our B2C consumers and B2B customers. Whatever the operation, decisions have to be made to forecast demand for products and services, determine resource assignment, operate and maintain equipment, secure and improve quality and work safety, ensure adequate inventory, transport and store products and materials, order materials and parts, as well as plan, design and execute projects. We also play a big role in delivering the company’s sustainability mission. In this manner FrieslandCampina Supply Chain Operations plays a pivotal role in securing a profitable balance between supply of milk from farmers and product demands from customers and consumers.

We constantly expand and continuously improve our organizational, manufacturing, technological and analytical skills towards World Class Operations, – and in doing so we deliver the right product at the right cost to the right place at the right time.

Working within FrieslandCampina Supply Chain Operations, you are exposed to all facets of plan, source, make and deliver and you work across organizational boundaries and with partners spanning the globe in production and logistics analysis, project management, safety and quality assurance – to create value and address current business needs.

If you are excited about such a company-wide perspective on the flow of milk, materials, information, and resource across a broad supply chain – … if you have the analytical skills to address operational, technological and logistical challenges – … if you are agile in working with many internal and external partners effectively and efficiently and across the globe – … then join us in working within FrieslandCampina Supply Chain Operations.