At FrieslandCampina, we aim to feed an growing population, while decreasing our environmental footprint. Supply chain management plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Moreover, we have agreed that we will process all the milk our member dairy farmers produce. This means our supply and demand planning must be perfectly aligned at all times!

The unique supply chain of FrieslandCampina

Every hour our 60 factories process 1.2 million liters of milk into a wide variety of products. These products reach consumers in over a 100 countries! We own our entire supply chain: from grass to glass. Meaning that we do everything ourselves; from collecting the milk, to producing our products and distributing them to our customers. No wonder about two thirds of our 23.769 employees have a supply chain related job.

In our plants, safety and continuous improvement are of paramount importance. We carry out hundreds of technical and product innovations, with a value of more than half a billion euros per year. To contribute to a better world, we reduce our CO2 emissions by using green energy. In 2020 our factories and offices will run on 100% green energy. Moreover, we improve our energy and water efficiency even further every year by 2%. At FrieslandCampina you will always contribute to achieving our sustainability and safety goals in your daily work. Whether you are a Demand Planner at our corporate office, a Maintenance Engineer or a Production Manager at one of our plants!

Our Supply Chain Operations specializations

Our complex supply chain results in endless job opportunities for supply chain operations professionals. Varying from Operators to Maintenance Managers, Operations Experts or Plant Automation Engineers. Making sure our plants are processing our milk as planned is obviously very important. However, looking at ways to improve our processes is equally important. Continuous improvement  is therefore a key part of all production related processes within FrieslandCampina. We are often looking for Operational Excellence Managers and Continuous Improvement Specialists to critically assess our production processes.

We are not only looking for seasoned supply chain operations professionals. If you are just starting your career and you have a academic master degree in Supply Chain Management, Transport & Logistics Management, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering; please check out our traineeship!

A job that matters

Providing food for the world’s growing population is a huge challenge. We aim to serve more people, while producing less waste. At the same time, we need to secure a profitable balance between the supply of milk from farmers and product demands from consumers. Every step in our Supply Chain is vital to the success of the entire chain and of FrieslandCampina as a company.

The core tasks of our Supply Chain Operations teams are:

  • Forecasting demand for products and services
  • Determining resource assignment
  • Operating and maintaining equipment
  • Securing and improving product quality and work safety
  • Ensuring adequate inventory management
  • Transporting and storing products and materials
  • Ordering materials, planning design and, most importantly, executing projects
  • Securing a profitable balance between the supply of milk from farmers and product demands from consumers

Step into our world

Can you leverage scale and efficiency to add value? And do you want to contribute throughout the whole production process, from grass to glass? Step into our world and help us reach further in the market.

Find jobs that matter in our Supply Chain Operations teams