At FrieslandCampina, we aim to feed an increasing population, while decreasing our footprint. It is a truly challenging and exciting task to align the Supply Chain and Operations resources between all our factories across the globe/; towards suppliers, across distribution channels and also with our internal partners/and to keep all our suppliers, distribution channels and internal partners in the loop.

To deliver on our promise, ‘nourishing by nature’, we require innovative and rapid solutions. Our Supply Chain Operations department drives simplicity. This team continuously improves our organizational, technological and analytical skills to ensure we deliver the right product in the right place at the right time and at the right cost.

A job that matters

Providing food for the world’s growing population is a huge challenge. We aim to serve more people, while producing less waste. At the same time, we need to secure a profitable balance between the supply of milk from farmers and product demands from consumers. Every step in our Supply Chain is vital to the success of the entire chain and of FrieslandCampina as a company.

The core tasks of our Supply Chain Operations team are:

  • Forecasting demand for products and services
  • Determining resource assignment
  • Operating and maintaining equipment
  • Securing and improving quality and work safety
  • Ensuring adequate inventory
  • Transporting and storing products and materials
  • Ordering materials, planning design and, most importantly, executing projects
  • Securing a profitable balance between the supply of milk from farmers and product demands from consumers

Step into our world

Can you leverage scale and efficiency to add value? And do you want to contribute throughout the whole production process, from grass to glass? Step into our world and help us reach further in the market.

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