Innovation is an important part of FrieslandCampina’s strategy, which aims at sustainable growth as well as added value. We focus our innovation efforts on producing healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and tasty food, in which the dietary advantages of milk are put to maximum use, while costs and CO2 emissions are minimised.

Our efforts in the field of innovation focus on three growth categories: dairy-based beverages, nutrition for children and branded cheese.

A job that matters

At FrieslandCampina, we always strive to develop, to improve. By conducting research and working on development, we are continuously searching for improvements and innovations. Research and Development gives us the chance to reach higher. Aiming for things that matter gets us all in the desired mind-set: it enables us to win in the market together. Our employees around the world have a strong drive to do things that matter and are commercially obsessed with adding value to those things that matter. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

Our Innovation Centre Wageningen:

  • Brings together the expertise of FrieslandCampina in the fields of innovation and Research & Development
  • Strengthens the innovative power of FrieslandCampina by combining and fostering collaboration across various disciplines, such as R&D, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain
  • Cooperates with innovation partners like the Wageningen University & Research Center to continuously improve the innovation process

Our Development Centre Singapore:

  • Develops dairy-based beverages and infant and toddler nutrition, tailored specifically to Asian consumers
  • Underscores FrieslandCampina’s commitment to Asian consumers
  • Aspires to offer people essential nutrients through natural dairy products
  • Houses FrieslandCampina’s nutritional expertise and product development for its Consumer Products International (CPI) business group in Asia

Step into our world

Do you share the mentality described above? And are you determined to contribute to the development and improvement of our products? Step into the world of FrieslandCampina and contribute to something greater than yourself.