As a part of FrieslandCampina worldwide, our Corporate Procurement department takes care of all purchasing. The only exception, of course, is milk, which comes directly from our farmers. The team operates across all global offices and factories, across all functions and across all Business Groups. Its purchases include everything FrieslandCampina could possibly need to make the products our customers need and want. Think, for example, of machinery parts used in our factories, whole machines, the logistics involved in transporting (end) products, ingredients like vanilla and fruit, packaging materials, cleaning and office supplies. Sometimes we even purchase externally produced end products.

Whatever our teams need, our Procurement department can buy. As a member of our Corporate Procurement department, you are willing to make business-critical investments. And you always do so with an owner’s mind-set: being prudent on costs and spending company money as if it were your own. You don’t make impulsive investments; you take a critical attitude (“Did you test this in the market?”; “What was the feedback from the consumer or customer?”) in order to make sure the materials you purchase are of real value to the company.

A job that matters

Procurement is the foundation of our company. This discipline makes things happen at FrieslandCampina. Without procurement, there would be no material to produce the high-quality products we market to help consumers around the globe grow smarter, older and healthier. Aiming for things that matter gets us all in the desired mind-set: it enables us to win in the market together. Our employees around the world have a strong drive to do things that matter and are commercially obsessed with adding value to those things that matter. Moreover, they have an owner’s mind-set, empowering them to make decisions on things that matter.

The core tasks of the Procurement team are:

  • Integrating many views across the whole value chain
  • Convincingly communicating about ideas and opportunities, in order to build relationships both inside and outside the organisation
  • Driving the sustainability of inputs and energy while ensuring that we are competitive, and enabling growth in new products and services

Step into our world

Do you want to be part of a diverse environment and engage with all elements of FrieslandCampina? Step into our world and become a part of things that matter.

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