On Thursday 20 June, Joost Donkers, Supply Chain Director of the business group Ingredients, was elected Supply Chain Professional of the year. The election is an initiative of Supply Chain Media. The jury praised Joost for the initiatives he shows and the connections he establishes within the company. ‘He stands by his team without effacing himself’, was the opinion of the jury.

After he was presented the prize, Joost Donkers said that the performance of his business group was mainly due to the people he has the pleasure to work with.

‘In our business group we have 3,000 colleagues who can also be proud of this result. For our team consists of people who took the decision again at 3 o’clock this morning whether something was safe or not; whether the production could be continued or should be stopped. Our people make the difference.’

The election as Supply Chain Professional has been a yearly initiative of Supply Chain Media in cooperation with Inspired-Search and BLMC for the assessment of finalists since the year 2008.

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